Custom metal for various industries from Ø1mm small parts to Ø3000mm*6000mm

We are specializing OEM/ ODM manufacturer since 1986, more than30 years experiences in fabrication Metal Parts. Not only professionally fabricate, but also provide production solution.


Our specializing team and engineers bring expertise, engineering R&D, fabrication technologies and manufacturing solutions. Besides, in the integration of manufacturing processes provides highest & effective management of quality and improve cost effective for your company.



our professional production from

R&D, prototype, fabrication , machining,  2nd processing,

heat treating, surface treatment, PPAP&IMDS, till assembling,

any metal parts for various applications using, which can produce for you.

The comprehensive professional provision for our worldwide customers.


Our professional technologies capabilities :  


High precision Aluminum alloy die casting , High precision Zinc alloy die castings 
Precision die casting, Gravity casting , Powder casting, Sand casting
Powder Metallurgy, Injection Molding, Extrusion tube
Precision CNC,  Forming / Bending, Metal 3D Printing
Stamping, Deep drawing, Progressive Stamping
Forging, Cold Forging


Especially, automatic CNC machining processing from     
Ø1mm small parts to Ø3000mm*6000mm,                                     

Always keep Technological innovation, plus provide all-round production technologies & facilities to enhance premium quality and improve cost effective for your company.