Custom metal for various industries from Ø1mm small parts to Ø3000mm*6000mm

Enhance Premium Quality and Improve Cost Effective

With providing a full range of production technologies from

R&D , prototype, manufacturing , machining ,

2nd processing, heat treating , surface treating,

PPAP&IMDS, till assembling.  

all fabrication processes by our high quality standard requirements

Aerospace components

Automotive components

 Industrial Shaft parts & assembly

 Machinery components

 Robot components

 Gear components & assembly

 Transportation (Ship) parts

 Electronics parts (gold plating)

 Power tools (parts)

 Heavy Industries

 Medical & Dental parts

 Semiconductor parts

 Construction (Building ) parts

 Lighting parts

 Valve (parts)

 Hydraulic and Pneumatic parts

(Heavy Truck & Bus)